Look #6 KC fashionWeek


There is a Quote in spanish that says something like "Good things are hard to come by" and I stand by completely in many aspects of my life. For example, going shopping is something that I love doing. However, using a new piece of clothing is something i don't take as lightly as when I buy it. Sometimes I will have for an item for certain period of time until i find the perfect fit for it. 

For me, clothes is like people.

Several months ago I got the opportunity of hearing about a great artist from Austin Texas, creator of a artisanal Fascinators done with only recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, newspaper and so on. I got the opportunity of meeting her for coffee a few months back  while being in austin for Fashion X and got the inside scoop about this great Artists. Getting to know more in depth that her love for art goes way back was amazing. On that Meeting she gave me one of her pieces as a gift. and it wasn't until the las day of KC fashion Week that I got to use it because I had finally found the perfect match for this perfect piece. 


Chloe Dress www.uptownconsingment.co

Louis Vuitton Bag 

Chloe Boots www.uptownconsingment.co

Earmark Fascinator HERE


By Vanessa Posner