Look #3 KCfashionWeek

On Fridays we Wear BLACK

Day 3 of KC Fashion Week has arrived and we have made sure to fill up or schedules so get to see the highlights of the city!

First Stop

Main street and the Light District which was actually just a few block from our hotel. Great place to eat, shop and walk. Known by its great location. The highlight of it : the great selection of Boutiques and galleries that go around it! 

Second Stop

Country Club Plaza 

Fact : " did you know, that KC Missouri is after paris

of course the place with the most fountains in the world? " - bet no. 

The only way to describe this place Is to imagine the following : Paris and The bahamas had a child and thats the plaza. It is such a high end place yet it gives you such a chill vibe

Perfect for endless hours of walking and talking and its a plus that you can eventually walk into a store and do some shopping or get a drink when the walking is getting to be to much. Or, you can take a drink while walking. YES, i know its awesome but its not a regular thing! From time to time they do an art fair where they close the streets and  it be comes an street art gallery  where you can drink and shop and eat. All at the same time. 

Third Stop

The River Market

If you are looking for a quiet spot where you can get to relax, and have one on one nature time! This is your place.Perfect for walking enthusiast the Market River is THE place for healthy eating and not so much sometimes! Depending on your taste they got you covered from Italian cousine to vegan food they have it. The highlight of the place; the new walking track bordering the Missouri river, the idea of being able to walk by seeing water is something that to me doesn't have a price ( for everything else, MasterCard ) 

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By Vanessa Posner