My Longest Relationship

 "Never give in 7 years of your life to a relationship if is not a mutual commitment because it will ripe on your ass in front of everybody! "

In today’s lifestyle having and nurturing a relationship is not always an easy task - I would Know. At 22 years old, no boyfriend and with no intention of getting one. I have always consider myself someone that because of its very much long list of TO-DO’s and goals A relationship was something that could just not fit in between that whole lot of things. It wasn't until that thing, that thing I loved the most got broken when I realized.  I was indeed in That relationship the one that I valued without even knowing I had, it was in fact my most important and longest relationship. Me and my amazingly well fitted and flattering 7 years old blue Jeans were no longer a thing! 

That pair of jeans I took to travel the world. Side by side on my finest and not so finest hours, that First Date I had NO clue whatsoever on what to wear so the guy would like me. More.  Movies with my friends. Running Thru NYC like a crazy person so I would be on Time to my job.  Days that I never thought would be what they are now happened with them by my side. And the most amazing thing is that I never realized it until now! 

Everything started 7 years ago when I was on vacations in Miami FL, and bought them just because they were on sale and they (I thought at the time ) where somewhat nice looking jeans, it was when Skinny jeans were mandatory. It was a language and the only way to speak it was wearing them.

Let me take a moment to make sure you know this. I am a shopaholic and there Is probably around 20 more jeans in my closet. But, There was something about THIS PAIR that make them a lot more special. 

3 years after we started hanging out we went thru a rough path, but I never stop fighting for them. I did keep on buying new ones to see if that was the solution, but no. It was like they where my lucky Jeans they where fitted but they let me breath. if I wanted to wear them in different ways they had zippers on the ankles so opening them was always an option. Rolling them also . I Learned every single styling trick to be able to wear this jeans without people noticing that they where in fact the same ones. 

Two years ago, the inevitable happenedand this exact type of jeans where not really on trend any more. The thing was ripped jeans, and if you know me I wanted to be On Trend while still be wearing my jeans I decided to cut them, and it was like the first time a saw them. Our love had reborn.  

They where just amazing but then while pulling them in one of the belt hooks broke of. I did what needed to be done and got them fix. Around a month and a half ago I was trying to get ready to an event and could not find what to wear, I ended up grabbing my jeans and in a rather emotional moment I cut the jeans. I cut them. I cut the hem and was one of the best things that I have ever done in my life. Not only single person stopped asking about them. They where a story-teller-Jeans. 

On Saturday October 25th, 2015 at around 3pm EST. They are no longer with me!  they ripped in my ass while I was out and about! 

What to learn from this story: never give in 7 years of your life to a relationship if is not a mutual commitment because the will ripe your ass in front of everybody! 

Editors note : Currently looking for a replacement on my jeans (please let me know where I should go find my next 7 years relationship) 

By Vanessa Posner