3 hidden places in the DFW

im sure that just like it happens to me happens to you that when living in the same city for so long its hard to make a decision when trying plan for a "different day " reason why i have taken the research time and after countless coffees, a good millage on my can and way to many drinks i have come up with a list of the five and only fife hidden places in dallas that im sure you haven taken the time to go to or might not even know of. sit tight and enjoy the ride. 


For starters you can go shopping and get breakfast at the same time at the because we have no time to waist.  

Neiman Marcus Coffee shop on Main Street 

This is it. Take a sip of their best coffee brew while swimming in a sea full of shoes.. because yeah! they put some thoughts into it. this parisian-like coffee shop happens to be placed right next to the best of the best shoe selection so, if you happened to go with company they could easily make your coffee order while you do the shoes one.. its a win-win situations pal.  Following act : tell hubby "Next sat morning plan,  go shoe shopping at NM and drink coffee at NM or vice-versa. " 

Taschen Library at the Joule Hotel

oh men, Oh men. i could be here all day everyday if i had my way! This is by far the best library in the area, and I'm not only saying this because of their meticulously curated books collection but because their meticulously created drinks selection. because who doesn't like reading with a glass of wine or other spirits. here you can have that and more, because not only do they serve drinks-drinks they also serve soft-drinks which they are very well known about. So YOU GO -NOW check them out  


HIP-POP (grapevine ) 

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.51.38 AM.png

I know, I know.. This might not be the place to go at moment because of the weather and all, but you this texas weather.. tomorrow you might be able to ice cream and let me tell you something.. You are in for a treat!! whether you do a slushy or a popsicle this is a place you can't miss..