#keepaustinwierd With IMT DESIGN

To keep Austin weird is a rule for when visiting Austin. As you can see thats what inspired my look and the crazy pigtails, and of course  the great IMT designs that travelled with me to make me company at the Austin Fashion Week.. Besides theses fabulous dress  from IMT design which I wore for sight seeing in the Capitol City the following list is the 7 most-do when visiting the Texas Capital.

  1. As soon you get there you should make a stop at P.Terry's not only the burgers are incredibly tasty but the price is incredibly affordable ( I would know, due to the fact I got so obsessed with the place that I went three times in a row) http://www.pterrys.com
  2. After going to P.terry's your second stop should definitely be FOUND a great high-end fashion store with the best selection of designers, so if you are like me that never packs enough even thought I took two large bags with me, but felt like I left all the good stuff, they definitely have the "Good Stuff" http://www.foundaustin.com
  3. Another must-go while visiting Austin is the art gallery Big Ass Canvas located in the hart of austin. I must say this is not only go-to place if you are a lover of art but even if your not they have a pretty cool swing that makes great pictures and even better videos http://www.bigasscanvas.us
  4. For the night life Austin is definitely it. 6th strew is crowded with bars, lounge, karaoke places.. You can literally go one place after the other and just stay in the one you feel you identify the most. 
  5. Hopdoddy Burger Bar is just like music to my ears. I just loved everything about it, not only the burgers but the salads and the fries are just to die for. Is the perfect combination between a fast food place and a real restaurant so is the perfect place to go and have a drink and get some food. http://www.hopdoddy.com
  6. According to guys like Quentin Tarantino and Richard Linklater the world best movie theater is the Alamo Darfthouse, I got the opportunity to go because I was invited to the first screening of the movie The Age Of Adeline, but even if your going to watch anything is absolutely a fun idea to do it in confortable seats and while drinking champagne and eating some nachos. its just like a regular movie theater but fancier and much more cooler 
  7. Last but not least, a most to place when visiting Austin is Austin Uptown Cheapskate. To be honest one of the best thrift stores I have ever been to. Their vintage selection is just to die for and the people working at the stores, they are just incredibly helpful. http://www.uptowncheapskate.com/local-thrift-stores/texas/austin/