Esbe Designs is a Jewlery company created by artist Sara Blaine. She has turned her creative vision for the last 15th years into timeless  jewelry pieces carefully created by artisans from the island of Bali "Sara’s designs are handcrafted around an endless ensemble of semi precious gemstones and freshwater pearls and her designs reflect the melding of past world traditions with the fluid changes of modern times." 

Recently i have got the opportunity to learn more about this great company and got to understand that what they do is much more deep than only artistry "Both by empowering women to take control of their own lives as well by supporting important causes that are close to our hearts. The eSBe Gives Back campaigns focus on community causes that make a difference in the lives of children, women and families." Esbe designs, who created the Hope and Will bracelet; which was created to celebrate and support non-profit pediatric children’s hospitals and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The design created in honor of the children hospital’s mascots, Hope and Will, which symbolize the hopeful attitude and strong will of their patients, families and staff. 

At eSBe we believe that within every person lies a success story. We empower women by helping them build a profitable business they love and at the same time using their creative potential through the beauty of jewelry. -Sara Blaine

To purchase the bracelet "hope and will"  and help support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, please click here to buy now.

By Vanessa Posner