White After Labor Day

Some one once said to me that " No on should wear white after labor day only with the exception of snowy days " - You know who you are, and im sorry to tell you that YOU WHERE WRONG.. For me a lover of all things white was crazy to think that i had to stop wearing white after labor day just because do to the fact that alms 50% of my closet is white clothes. Why should you not listen to this rule ? Well first of all, using white on you outfit is the easiest way to add light into the mix. If its a shirt is light that goes straight to your face, and who doesn't like to have luminous face ? Right. Second, its easy like a sunday morning. it goes good with everything and to everything - just don't go to a wedding wearing white if your not the one getting married ( thats kinda rude ).  

Anyways, don't pay attention to those " don't wear white after labor day people " white looks good in almost everybody so go a head and rock white this fall/winter. 

For ways on How to : Wear white button down shirts go to > :http://www.theredsolesociety.com/new-blog-1/2015/6/21/how-to-buttons-up-white-shirt