Esbe and The Red Sole Society Go to Kansas City

Traveling can sometimes be a hustle. The planning, the trip it selfs, PACKING, knowing what to do and where to go in the place we chose to go.. Yes, I get it. its complicated it and sometimes the only thing we want to do is be comfortable, eat some good food, and rest, rest, REST.. 

The Bigger The hustle is when traveling for work and having to look sharp at all times. For me one of my bigger companions on my trips is Esbe Designs not only because of their great pieces but because of their versatility . The bigger issue when traveling is packing whether we are traveling by plane of car packing is always a problem  because lets face it - you can only fit so many bags on a car. With Esbe designs you have the privilege to used their pieces from day to night time which makes perfect for a trip. 

Here, are some of the pieces i took with me and you will be able to see me wearing them thru my days in Kansas City. So, stay tuned.. + theres also some of the cool places i went to when i was there!! 

Photo Oct 01, 12 25 45 PM.jpg