Look #2 Madame Butterfly

Kansas Fashion Week Day 2

Madam Butterfly **

I decided to call this look Madame Butterfly. Why ? well usually people ask me how do I decide on the looks thats i wear and how does my creative process works and is usually something like this. i have the so call "Vision " and this vision can happen at any time in the process, it can be in the beginning it can be in the middle or it can be in the end.. Many times this vision is inspired by on thing or event. In this case was this dress. Oh this dress - Fendy neoprene black shift dress with yes [butterflies aplique done in leather]. When I got the dress of course it was love at first sight but i truly didn't had the vision at that time and it wasn't until latter when I was already down in Kansas City [Missouri ] i went to see the lake that separates kansas City from kansas and while walking in there I this person came to me and gift me the flowers of course as a signe of appreciation i went back to the hotel with them and when i was getting ready i had it " the Vision " and for some reason it came as a name Madame Butterfly. It was a classy but edgy look and at the same time very, very girly. The perfect touch was the flowers with i used in a bun in my hair. 


 Fendi neoprene black shift dress  www.uptownconsignment.co

 Combat Zara boots

Mario Hernandez Red Butterfly clutch

and a sunflower bun