Its Black/ Its White

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Black and white.. the two colors we are unable to go away from while getting dress. but why ? Is it because we are so used to using them that this colors feel comfortable in our own skin or is our skin that feels comfortable in these colors. Well, to brake it to you it could be both. Black and white both have the property to enhance any skins color because they are actually the absence of it. For me, there is nothing better than wearing a white button down or tank top during the day -it makes the dressing routine so much easier. and well lets not even talk about the little black dress for night, day, work, parties ANYTHING.. 

So i kept on thinking, why is it that even though this colors feel comfortable in our skin and vice versa.. we keep on fitting the urge to used them on a daily basis. Why? maybe we think it can get boring, and yes it could. but the key is to experiment and play around with shapes, and patterns. Reason why I decided to bring you the ( white/black ) attire with a twist. 

I love mixing and matching patterns, shapes, colors and well basically everything. but what i love the most is when i can do this with black and white because it gives me the opportunity to mix and match anything. Stripes with gingham, polkadots with stripes and so on. In this opportunity i decided to go color block/polkadots and not any polkadot ( Chanel polkadots ). A win ANY time.. 

Wearing : 

Chanel polkadot poplin shirt 

Forever 21 A line pleated skirt

Charlote  Russo silver sandals

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