I (Emoji) you!

With me having decided ( stupidly decided ) just like other bunch of people ( at this time of the year) to join the gym after choosing to put under one of my resolutions something like " get healthy " " go to gym " " change Lifestyle " I had to stick to my word and find a way to at least enjoy a little.. it just happenes that I've actually started enjoy it,  because in the process of discovering of how to squad i discover how i should look like when I'm about to  squad and it just happens that retail therapy also works as an incentive for going to the gym! 

Isn't it retail therapy JUST the best ? 

Wearing : 

Jacket ULTRACOR Exclusive at Bandier

ALP Sneakers Bandier 

Bandier GYM Bag 


By Vanessa Posner

Photos by @rated_Rafael

Clothes @bandier