Oversized please!

There’s this "new" trend that has always been here, but since its been lately stated as cool, everyone is paying extra attention to oversized clothes.

Wearing my parent’s apparels has always been a good habit of mine, some days instead of going to my own closet, I go straight to my mom’s, depends on the mood, day or climate.

Moms closet is always a great world of opportunities, obviously, we all girls now it. Some us have moms that are thrilled with the idea of we liking their clothes, and others who are just constantly stolen/barrowed by their daughters since they refuse to let their clothes go anywhere else than their own bodies. Anyway, we all now this and its no surprise. However, discovering dads closet is just something else to talk about.

My dad’s wardrobe was wear a discover the power of white shirts. This amazing piece can be used day after day in so much different ways. I love oversized shirts as dresses with big boots, with discreet shoes and a great sweater, with tight jeans, with open ones, wrapped on your waist with cute shorts, and the list could go on forever.

Fashion week has been exploring daddy’s clothes as well, using it as dresses and even more as an origami peace, it turns out that is the most versatile and playful piece one can explore with without the help of a needlewoman.

And also, how great it is that you can get an oversized shirt guaranteed in any store in the sales department?

This trend demonstrates the true importance of reinventing and creativity, and how it is not always about origination but about imagination.

So if you play on with your boyfriend or dad's closet, you'll probably manage to be on point.