Morning strike

As you all may know, im not one for sports or exercise in general. in fact, my best form of workout can be found in a crowded store with great sales where -here it comes- I have to run to get those last sizes for myself. However, this new year I've decided that i wanted to make a change on my lifestyle ( i decided i wanted to be healthier) because you know when you get to certain age you gotta take care of yourself a little bit more.  So, i went and got myself a gym membership and a bunch of overpriced sports wear. which, let me tell you something... it definitely does help to : 1) go to the gym. 2) feel good about yourself, because as i have mention before. it is not about how much you weight or how much money you put into your closet.. it is all about how you feel in your own skin.. 

Beauty is such a tangible thing and not really measurable therefore we are what we portray, we are what we show the world we are, so if you feel good and confident about yourself people will see you that way. I say this because if theres something why im really happy went and got the gym membership and overpriced clothes ( other than because its the most amazing gym clothes that i have ever seen ) its because going to the gym is one of the most helpful things towards felling and looking good for yourself and for the world to see. So, if you are like i used to be, give it a try.. you will not regret it ( but you gotta buy the cool clothes tho )