Do we really have more fun?

If I did my job right on the post from last week, I probably got you thinking on the women’s stereotype of the last century. All that thinking got me into more thinking, so I’ve been researching about –what I think- is the trend and statement when women dress today.

We have evolved into multiplying our duties and labors as a woman, we are finally overcoming the manliness that has ruled our entire history (exerting some very very few cultures). We women are now: mothers, workers, entrepreneurs, executives, company directors, doctors, writers, wives, campaign makers and so on. Furthermore, our style has been very much influenced by all this growth.


Back in the beginning of the XX century, LEVI STRAUSS, the jeans vanguard company, had a line called “Freedom-alls”, supporting the liberation of the woman as a wife icon. They claim to have supported women’s right to vote. So yes, jeans, shorts, tiny skirts, sandals, showing some skin and not caring to look so conservative, actually propelled women into their way to fashion freedom and their own.

I believe that the evolution of women’s role in society and the amplification of their fashion flexibility is a background that adds to the outfit we choose every time we dress. There is definitely, an unconscious meaning to the way we ladies clothe today. We do not only dress in certain ways today because we’re free to do it, but because we can be free if we do it.