3 shoe style to live-by this spring #thingsiminto

Spring is here and so are great shoes. I don't know about you but for me the winter its all about the layers and jackets and all that but spring, oh spring is about shoes because is that moment of the year where you can wear boots with short sleeve shirts, and sandals with sweaters. bellow a curated list of the must-have styles for this spring + a cheaper source for them. This are the #thingsiminto 


Mules, Mules, Mule, i just love them and are definitely one of the #thingsiminto this spring. . In my opinion it just gives so much freshness to our outfits, and the truth is that mules have been around for ever, we just kind of forgot about them; partly because designers forgot about them. However,  This season we can find all kind of mules, flats, with heel, with embellishment and also only leather. There are mules for all styles in all colors and shapes. Mules For All!! YAY. 

Budget-Friendly option!!


For me, there is no spring, winter or even summer without an ankle boot. For me, they are the perfect transition shoe. Specially for us in dallas because we dont really have a defined "winter" is all a mix in between spring and autumn. Ankle boots the three thing I love the most. Confortable, Chick, And Edgy . 

Pointy toe 


So, we've talked about mules, ankle boots and how chick and comfy they are and so on and so forth. I think this Spring/Summer, pointy toe shoes get the winner prize. First of all, they are so so cute, they elongate the body so much so this is a perfect pick if you have a few pounds extra. Pointy toes are great for a flat shoe because it makes the shoe very elegant and also elevates the outfit a lot more. Now, high heel pointy shoe is the best pick for casual outfit, date night, of business meeting.  Any occasions in which you wanna look elegant and chick go for the pointy toes.