So, Like I mentioned in the post in Socal-Media. because of everything that had happened to me in the last couple of months [which I will talk about in the next post] I have had to make a few adjustments to my day to day life and the things I do. I have also had to step back for a few months like you might have noticed but, I'm back and for good. So to show you the things I do know and what I have been doing for the past few months I will obviously show you all the pictures but first will give you a quick run down in #thethingsiminto now. 


The First one is cook, I have found cooking so amazingly relaxing and like a way to show your loved ones your care for them. Making delish things that they love. Because of that I will be posting every Thursday a new recipe and will be showing live on Instagram the recipe for next week. Soooo, stay tuned foodies #thingsiminto 


Poke Bowls


Oh My God!!! You Guys, i just tried Poke Bowls a few weeks back and I am completely hooked. Like i can't even explain to you guys how much I love them, they are so healthy and so fresh but don't be confused even though is super healthy and RAW it is sooo tasty. Please try them!! I littleraty can't have enough of them 

Online Shopping 

So, Obviously because of the involuntary lockdown  I have been on in the last couple of months I have had to fullfill my shopping needs to my computer and a glass of wine. It ani't that bad!!! So, I have rounded up the 3 places I have been binge shopping online.