Dusty Rose #Bandierdays

Dusty Rose is the new black. You guys, I'm obsessed with this set from bandier. its just so flattering. is the perfect combination between sexy and sporty. i love the mesh dusty sweatshirt on top of the matching bra for the pants and the purple shoes ties the whole thing together just perfectly. 

Like I've been mentioning in the last couple of weeks, this girl here has gotten a few extra pounds more, but this look is proof that weight does not define us and that we can still look good with a few extra ponds if we have good styling and know how to dress for our bodies. and of course. we need to be aware of it and take action. 

The high waisted pant helps you slim down and you guys, this is the big difference between a good sport pant and just a legging. A sport tight will help put everything in the right places -If you know what i mean. and this is the key for us that are a bit heavier to look good on the athleisure .