Airport Lewk!!

So, I was actually going to do the First day post as a chunk. but the truth is that i wanted to take a sec to talk about airport looks, a what to wear when traveling. 

So the first thing for me, is wearing comfy shoes with socks because really no body whats to walk bare foot on the line for airport security. So for me, that is boots. they are actually really easy to take off and put on which is actually another plus because again, you don't want the business dude behind you giving you the stinky eye!! So Get, comfy easy to take on and off with socks shoes and your be covered on that end. 

Second thing of me is how cold it gets on the airplane and the waiting areas, so i usually go for a sweater ( no matter where i go) and a jacket. and the reason why i always do this is because weather we go to the beach or to somewhere cold is always good to take a jacket and the horrible thing is that jackets weigh so much to put them in the bag so it gives more room for whatever else you need to bring in your bags. So, sweater for conformability and cold airplanes and jacket as a re-forces and more room in your bag. 


Last but not least, The purse!!!! This one is huge, for real i can not stress this as much. bring a good bag that will be the one you will be wearing for the most part of your trip. this bag needs to be big, with room for all your documents and goodies. but the most most important thing it needs to be a cross body bag, the reason for this is again is the agility that this will give you. it will also be the most comfortable this for the airport and the trip itself. And you can use your hands for yummy treat or anything else while walking around.