NEW YORK- fashion Week #streetstyle

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New York Fashion Week, is not only one of the most important Fashion Week's ever, but is also in my opinion the best street style of them all, i love to see al woman exited because the season is here already.. Bloggers, trend forecasters and Editors have had weeks to plan outfits and more, its a big big reunion of all the fashion, and lifestyle scene in one big apple ( see what i did there ? ) . Women Secretly battle to look better than the next one but is all a friendly fight. 

The Streets of New York even more than ever in this fast tracked week are dressed up and down in all the best and newest fashion in the industry and its always interesting to see what will people be wearing during this week, the opening act for Fashion month. 

Bellow, A run down of in my opinion some of the best looks down the streets of NYC. 

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