Oh, Acai bowls. My newest most exiting food obsession specially because of how easy and delish it is. It is like a cereal but way more nourishing and healthy. bellow the recipe. 


Ingredients : 

4 Frozen acai pure packs 

1 Bananas 

1/2 Cup of almond milk 

1/2 cup of blue berries 

1/2 cups of chopped kiwi 

1/2 Cup of coconut flakes 

1/2 Cup of thinly chopped banana 

2 Tea spoons of chia seeds 

1 Cup of granola 


Process : 

So, for this recipe you wanna have all your ingredients in hand because is a really fast process. So first, Chop your Kiwi and banana that you will use for garnish on top of the acai mix. after you have all this chopped and all your ingredients on the cooking table go a head and take you blender and pour in it the 4 acai frozen pure packages one banana and 1/2 cups of almond milk. blend until homogeneous but remember you want it to me thicker than a regular juice. It needs to have a pure consistency. 

Once this had been done go ahead and pour your pure into the bowls. this recipe will give you enough for two medium size bowls or one big bowl. Once you have poured your acai mix into the bowl go a head and add the toppings on to. Do not go easy on the granola or any of the toppings. the only one you wanna make sure you don't use more than you need to is bananas because of its the fruit with the most calories. other than that. Go for it.. 


Oh my God!! this recipe is so so easy and yummy!! you guys are going to become addicted to it. The first time i did it, was because me and my family where doing a road trip and i wanted us to have some home-made healthy snack. So a few tips before i give you the recipe. if you are like my and like very strong flavors. don't do easy on the lemon and the garlic. the more the merrier!! the recipe I'm giving you makes for about five or four fill up full circular glass toper wears like the one i have above. 

Ingredients : 

1) 1/2 cup of lemon juice

2)  2 Garlic cloves chopped really small

3)  1 Small bottle of olive oil

4) 3 Cans of  Chickpeas  (Garbanzo beans ) Drained

5) 2 tablespoons of tahini  ( Side Note : This is probably the most important ingredient of the whole recipe. some people recumbent making your own tahini pure/sauce. but to be honest that will complicate de dish a lot more. you can buy remade roasted tahini concentrate and it will be perfect. keep the rest on a cold-ish environment as it melts really fast. ) 

6)  1 cup of cayenne pepper, half of it of the mix and the other half for garnish 

7) 1 cup of roasted pine nuts ( for garnish ) 

8) 1 cup of parsley ( for garnish ) 




Once you have all of your ingredients, squeeze your lemons and chop the garlic. then, put all of you ingredients in the blender. and blend until is a homogeneous mix. place in bowls and top with olive oil, cayenne pepper, chopped roasted nuts, and chopped parsley. 

how To : Carrot Cake #thingsiminto


Hi Guys, So You guys are going to die with this recipe, like i mentioned before in others post. this will be the beginning of a new series of posts with recipes that i will be doing every Thursday night, you can see them live the thursday before on my social media and the blog post the week after.  tonight to begging with the right foot i will be showing you step by step #howto make a very awesome and fast carrot cake. So First things first. this is what you will need,




  • 1 TSP OF SALT 
  • 4 LARG EGGS 
  • 1 (15 OZ ) CAN PINEAPPLE 



  Finished Cake with cream cheese frosting and chopped nuts on top. 

Finished Cake with cream cheese frosting and chopped nuts on top. 



Preheat oven to 350oF, And grease pans with non stick spray. 

In a large bowl, whisk together flour, sugar cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder and salt. 

in a small bowl. whisk together eggs. oil, applesauce, vanilla and countreau. 

Stirr egg mixture into flour mixture until just combined. fold in carrots, pineapple , and walnuts,. 

evenly divide the batter between prepared cake pans and cake. 


Place butter and cream cheese in a standard mixer, beat in medium or low. I did it by hand. - Do it for about 3 min . 

With the mixer running add gradually in powdered sugar and beat on meadow until its light and fluffy. And by then it should be ready. 



Steps to Become a Double "J"

Do you even know what that means ??

The term best know as a double "J" ( which i just created minutes ago) is to refer to those of whom Jewlery is a most and there is no other way around life but to be companied by Jewlery (lost of it) . And for you, lovers of jewlery there is nothing better than getting it. For a birthday, for the V-day and christmas is no exception. This The Season, we have created a gift guide for those whom  Jewlery is the way to-go . 

Working hand by hand with ESBE i bring you a curated list of the best items to put under the tree for your beloved double "J's"

For the Rings lover: 

Ancient World Greek Ring :             









For the necklaces one : 


** This one is a tricky one because there are two ways to go!! **

For the Elegant Non-discret person : 

Cascata Hammered Silver Bib Necklace|ALL&Qty=1


Earrings Lovers : 

**This like the necklaces has to ways to go with it**

For the Elegant discrete person :

Eumi Green Clover Earrings|ALL&Qty=1

For the lover of cuffs : 

**This like the earrings has two ways to go with it**

For the Elegant Non-Discrete :

Sundial Cuff|ALL&Qty=1

Matching sets :

** For those who don't really are satisfy with one thing.. you can always buy a matching set like this one**

For the Want-it-all : 

Waterfall Necklace and bracelet 

How To Embrace Halloween in a not so traditional way

Nail Art

This Halloween I decided to give a chance to it. To be honest, Im not a big Halloween fan, I am a Huge Halloween fan ( the kind that plans on halloween costumes since september) and would do almost anything to embrace it to its fullest! This year I have decided to go with something rather traditional and out of the heroes and wings zone. I have decided to literally embrace halloween from head to toes. This year around not only my make up would be on point but my nails won't be those pink paled nail we wear for easter. This year its different! I decided to pay a visit to my nail artist, and came up with the three most popular and cool concepts for halloween Nail Art. Get your paper and pen and write down her info. 

Angela Gutierrez ( 760.889.1651)

Fist of : 

KISS Inspired Nail Art

Photo Oct 27, 12 08 28 PM.jpg

Not one, but all Super Heroes

Minions And Rainbows

Minions And Rainbows Glitz version

How to : Umbrellas??

A year ago, I got the amazing opportunity to meet the talented artist behind these works of arts. An umbrella brand housed on the hart of new york city and exclusively design from top to bottom by self-taught swiss artist Laurence Groux. 

She has been creating artistic patterns from her original artworks for 20 years.Her deep love for nature is a constant thread in her work, and she loves the rain.

The distinctive smell, the calming sound… the enchanting colors of nature; it all soothes her soul.She considers the umbrella as being a cocoon; a divine dome of protection.

 So when faith, destiny, and serendipity handed her an umbrella template, she had to apply her designs to it, and it was love at first sight, sparks and all. She had found the One object making sense to her soul to create for others.And if nothing else, she wanted one of these umbrellas for herself!

"Laurence Groux strove to offer an exclusive and limited series of original designs.Her vision was to create stylish umbrellas to appear more like art pieces; a collector's item.Her love for craftsmanship, high quality and detail, directed her to find a manufacturer in France. There, she developed her first prototype.Her exquisite line of luxury umbrellas feature elegant designs and each comes with a choice of customized handle;a rich array of Italian leather handles and beautiful hand-sculpted maple wooden handles, hand-crafted in Italy." Laurence Groux

Love and care to the very last detail.

Her work reflects her integrity, authencity, and her romantic side for beautiful objects to be cherished as time passes.

Today, after a year of her working on this exclusive line of umbrellas which I had the opportunity to closely watch from its early stages she opens up the doors of her online store where you can find exquisite hand crafted umbrellas created from curated patterns taken from her previous works of art.


Im sure you where probably expecting a full on explanation on "How to" use umbrellas the truth is that there are certain pieces like this one that don't come with "instructions " Just venture. You can used them with a dress, or jeans, from day to night time. As said before " its timeless " 

By Vanessa Posner 

How to : An accessory for every season

Transitioning from one season to another is really hard as it is. Even harder is when are transitioning from the lovely summer days to the not so lovely winter days and that thing in-between called fall. For that transition we have the already talked about transition jacket which is perfect because we can take off and put in whenever in need. With accessories the story is a little bit different and more complicated, because duh who wants to have to take a necklace off and on every time the weather changes in a  day.. ( specially here in Texas ). Reason Why i have decided to give this weeks " How To " to the all accessories lover -everywhere you are we love you!. So, Let me introduce you to the transition necklace. One you can wear from summer to winter... 


I love to wear this on the summer, because for some reason I feel like its a lot harder to look polished during summer. Im not sure if its because all i feel like doing is being by the pool and nothing else but anyways, this necklace is grate for it because it gives a little bit of sparkle to any outfit. 

On this ocation i decided to go for a white shirt which is my to-go pick ( most of the time ) with some purple jean shorts with  printed blue high heels and a navy and gold purse. for this outfit the necklace was almost everything, it was that thing that connected the whole outfit together make it something you can wear for anything. to a sunday brunch to late night dinner.. 

Esbe Necklace

Forever 21 top

Levis Shorts

Charlotte Russo Heels



Fall is great because we already can feel the winter breeze but we are still able to use some of our summer stuff ( this is where that TRANSITION jacket  and Necklace comes in handy ) Some days we will have to gear up a little more but will be fine. 

As you can see, for this look the color pallet is already gone a little bit darker and we are starting to play with the colors for fall ( nutmeg, browns, nudes,) darker shades. I decided to pair the necklace with a wine tunic - which makes the necklace pop up a lot more with out being to bling bling, some ripped short cut jeans and sandals. Again what makes de whole outfit a whole is the necklace connecting the shoes with the hole look and making the color of the tunic pop up a lot more. 

Meraki tunic

Esbe Necklace

Forever21  ripped jeans

Eddi Albanes heels



In my opinion winter is the hardest season to wear accessories, why ? well for one its really hard to find the right accessory for when having to be all bundled up on clothes, usually having to wear scarfs of heavy coats don't leave room for much accessories. however, thats the reason why I loved this necklace. is so simple and easy that you are actually able to wear with scarfs and heavy coats. For this look I wanted to show you guys how this necklace works even with fur and it ads just the perfect touch of sparkle for the look. 

. H&M Black dress

Belk Faux Fur vest

Tous clutch

Esbe necklace


If you are falling in-love with this necklace wait for you to have it, you won't be able to take it off.. you can go here to buy it :

How To survive fashion week

Fashion Week, is for us Lovers of everything fashion related the most amazing time of the year. But also the craziest/ busiest time of the year.  The day starting early morning and ending late night, part of surviving this crazy week or lets say month is organization for one and second putting your priorities straight. When I say priorities, I talk about who's designer to follow or watch or not. For that reason we on The Red Sole Society have taken the time to creat cheat sheets for all seven days starting with todays shows so you can clearly know who's shows to see. Bellow you will find a schedule of all week with all designers 


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.44.27 AM.png

How To: #theITbag ( be brilliant bag )

Weather its summer or winter a bag should always be the cherry on top of the pie when talking outfits. However, that is not always the case. Accessories in this case a bag, purse, or clutch can either make or break your perfect outfit, to avoid this there are #3 golden rules that you can follow so you don't become a victim of the disaster of a bad purse choice. 

Break the Myth

#1 Your Shoes and Purse should always be the same color 

As We all know a long time ago when cellphones didn't exist, people used to say that the purse of your choice should always be the same color of your shoes. WARNING, this is not the case anymore, a lot of times people make the huge mistake of getting a purse on a ( lets say ) green any tone just because they have a pair of green shoes any tone. IF ITS NOT THE SAME EXACT COLOR -Don't do it.  Break the rules and go with a color completely different, it will make you look super bold and will give your outfit a different edge 

#2 "You can't  use bright colors during the day" 

This is one of the biggest myths of all times, who said that bright colors are only allowed during the night? If, in fact adding a brilliant and bright bag to a pair of jeans is a classic rule for pulling of a great street style game. Personally I'm a fan of the mix and match of styles like fancy with urban. And adding a brilliant bag makes an outfit look cool during the day and suitable for the night. and you know what they say " behind every successful woman theres a Be brilliant bag" - Vanessa Posner 


#3 Size Doesn't Matter 

One common thing I hear often when talking with clients or doing some sort of styling is the myth that big bags are for the day and small bags are for the night. Let me break it to you, THIS IS NOT TRUE, depending on the outfit or the place you going you can always go with a big bag or a small one. The trick is to choose something that wether its big or small will add to your outfit without making you a victim of a purse disaster. 

By Vanessa Posner 

How To: Buttons Up/ White shirt

        As I have said before there is a list of particular items that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Among them, a button down shirt. Most people -and here I'm going to take the chance to speak to men and woman. Have the presumption that white button down shirts are only for corporate people. But today I will show you the beauty and versatility of a button down white shirt!  Following three picks on how to wear button down white shirts everywhere.

Abotonados : Camisa Blanca

       Como ya he dicho antes existen una serie de elementos los cuales una mujer nunca puede dejar de tener en su closet. Al pie de la lista tengo a las camisas de botones blancas. En mi experiencia como estilista y editora de moda muchas personas piensan que las camisas blancas de botones son solo para la oficina. Hoy me doy a la tarea mostrarles #3 nuevas maneras de utilizar camisas blancas de botones en todo momento, y de distintas maneras. 

#1up Tight

blog .jpg


For a casual but chic look for a Saturday afternoon or any other casual scenario. I took a very old white shirt I found in my closet. The beauty of this piece it's the details that we can see in the collar. I decided to close it up to the end and on top of it a really great brown overall. The great thing about this combination is that's depending on the accessories we can make it more casual or elegant. In this case I decided to go with casual, pairing it with gold Superga sneakers and a printed bag from Pineda Covalin that puts the outfit to a whole other level. 

Hasta arriba. 

Para empezar un look muy chic, perfecto para un sábado casual o no. Primero agarre una camisa blanca de botones que encontré en mi closet rezagada pegada a la pared, lo bueno de esta camisa son los detalles que podemos ver en el cuello y puños,  encima una braga marrón. La combinación de la braga con la camisa blanca es la perfecta combinación de algo comodo pero chic. Yo, decidi combinarlo con unos zapatos de goma de Superga color dorados y una cartera Pineda Covalín lo cual pone el look en otro nivel. 

#2 Up Club

If you are looking for that “ Meeting the in-law’s” look this is definitely the one. The combination of the really well tailored White button down shirt with loose blue tweed shorts pair with accessories in different shades of blue. The cobalt, light blue, royal and navy blue are what makes this outfit perfect for “those” occasions. HM Shorts-Zara Sandals- Louis Vuitton Bag- Tarbay Jewlery 

Alta Sociedad

Si buscas por ese look perfecto para “ conocer a los suegros “ o “pasear al perro en el downtown luego brunch en SAVOR” este es definitivamente el que buscas. La combinación de la perfectamente estructurada camisa blanca de verano con unos shorts de diferentes tonos de azules, en combinación con unas sandalias azul claro, cartera Louis Vuitton de color cobalto y joyas de Tarbay en distintos tonos azules. En esta combinación de elementos no solo la utilización de distintos tonos de azules pero tambien las diferentes texturas utilizadas son lo que definitivamente hacen de este outfit la combinación perfecta. 

#3 Up Down 

Monday morning, Wake up, and find yourself looking at the mirror, Thinking -What am I going to wear, but you realize. It’s Monday! Cheap Monday :  Jeans, a white button down shirt add those very comfortable wine pumps and a  leather jacket. Throw in a big clutch and some glasses! Believe me you are going to dress so fast next monday you won’t believe it. It’s so easy and chick its the perfect cheap monday! 

Tiempo record 

Es lunes en la mañana. te despiertas y te das cuenta que no tienes ni idea de que ponerte. Personalmente  en este momento es cuando creo que toda mujer debe tener una camisa blanca de botones. Nunca queda mal con nada y siempre esta a la altura de cualquiera que sea tu actividad del día. Rapidamente agarras una camisa blanca de botones, Boyfriend jeans o pantalones de tubo, chaqueta de cuero perfecta para los meses de transición (abril, mayo,Junio ). Dependiendo de tu ocasión zapatos altos y un clutch serian lo que yo escogería sin pensarlo. En este caso por tener el mismo color en los zapatos y la chaqueta decidí ponerme una cartera de resaltara un poco mas. Para finalizar lentes de sol y a correr.


By Vanessa Posner 

For a closer look of my every day outfits and more " HOW TO" tips don't forget to tune in and come back every wednesday for more tips... 

How To: 10 things every woman should have on her closet!

Acording to Tim Gun, Fashion guru. there are 10 things every woman should have in their wardrobe.. I agree with him on 9 of these items.. Bellow 9 things fashion guru Tim Gun should have, pluss one of my own!! The items that i have picked and brands i have added to this list are not only brands that i truly use and love but are brands that are highly known for these items! -Enjoy 

How to: 10 cosas que toda mujer debe tener en su closet 

Según Tim Gun, el guru de la moda. Existen 10 piezas que una mujer debe tener siempre en su closet. Yo, concuerdo con el en 9 de esas piezas la décima es una pieza que en mi opinion es una de las mas importantes! Las piezas cuidadosamente escogidas son de marcas que se especializan en este tipo de piezas y aun y cuando quizás esta pieza en especifico no sea la perfecta para ti de seguro encontraras una en estas tiendas. 

1) Little black Dress

For this item you need to pick one that not only fits you well but also it needs to be a dress that you can either dress up or down! that you can wear not only to a funeral but to a party! and thats the beauty of having the perfect LBD, it gets you out of trouble when your in a hurry. its easy, its fast, its one of the best investments you can do on your wardrobe. If not the best!! For several ways on How To: Little black dress go to this link.. 

1) Vestido Negro 

Para que pieza se de gran uso como debería ser. Al comparala tiene que ser una pieza que tenga las siguientes características.

      1) Buena Calidad: esta pieza tiene que ser de alta calidad ya que luego de tenerla sera esa pieza que te sirve no solamente para ir a un funeral, pero también para ir a un brunch o a trabajar debido a su versatilidad. 

      2) El entalle del vestido tiene que ser perfecto. yo muchas veces prefiero compara cosas una talla mas grande y entallar al cuerpo para que quede perfecto al cuerpo!! 


2) Day Dress

A day dress is always important! is that perfect outfit that can work with heels and flats at the same time making you always look chic and cute!! Definetly a great option for a work outfit..

2) Vestido de día 

Un vestido de dia es una pieza muy importante en nuestro closet. Es esa pieza perfecta que funciona con zapatos de tacón alto así mismo que con zapatos bajitos pero siempre haciéndote ver super chic! 

3) Blazer 

Im a total fan of blazer, they are always the easiest way to dress up a T-shirt and a pair of Jeans, which makes for the perfect confortable outfit! Side note: Woman's Day Magazine named The Limited on their GVA ( great value awards ) for their suits in 2015.. So this is definitely the way to go. 

3) Blazer/Saco/Sastre

El blazer es la manera mas facil de subir de tono una franela y unos Jeans, lo cual hace el atuendo perfecto para un día el cual quieras esta cómoda pero chic al mismo tiempo. Nota: La revista Woman's Day Magazine nombro a The Limited en sus premios GVA ( great value award) como la mejor marca para blazers en el 2015.

4) Button Down Shirt 

As Tim Gun says this should be in every woman's dressing vocabulary. You can pair it with literally everything and it will always look good. Pair it with a skirt for a polished look, or under a dress as a jumper! Don't be afraid of it!! 

4) Camisa blanca Clásica 

Como dice el guru de la moda Tim Gun esto debería estar en el vocabulario de ropa de toda mujer. Esta pieza puedes acompañarla con literalmente cualquier cosa y siempre como resultado tendrás un look limpio e impecable. 

5) Black dressy pants 

This piece is just like the white shirt. works with everything. and makes every outfit a great outfit. the key to the perfect pair is the perfect fit and fabric anything else matters. 

5) Pantalones Negros de vestir 

 Esta es una pieza como la camisa clasica blanca. Es una pieza que no tiene tiempo. funciona con todo y hace cualquier combinación un outfit perfecto!

6) Trench Coat 

The trench coat its the perfect transition piece for those months where its cold and hot at the same time! A trench coat its always a great idea for a dress when trying to get a chic look and you can pair them with pant for a more urban look! either way this is definitely  a piece every women should have in any color on her wardrobe! 

6) Abrigo " Trench coat" 

Este tipo de abrigo en particular es siempre necesario cuando vives en zona templadas o frías, es también la pieza perfecta para los meses de transición de una temporada fría a una caliente y viceversa... es también usa pieza que pone el vestuario en otro nivel dándonos la oportunidad de sacar muchos estilos de una sola pieza! Combinalo con un vestido para un look chic y descuidado o combinalo con unos jeans para un look mucho mas urbano o preppy 

7) Good pair of Jeans 

Of course we all have jeans, the thing is that not everyone knows that if it doesn't fit you perfectly its not a good pair of jeans. If your interested on how to : Find the perfect fit for your jeans... don't g far because in the following week i will be posting about how to find the perfect pair of jeans.. 

7) El Par perfecto de Jeans 

por supuesto que todas tenemos sientas de jeans en nuestro closet, Pero, realmente esto cientos de jeans que tenemos en neutro closet cuales nos quedan bien y cuales tienen en ajuste perfecto a nuestro cuerpo! La clave de un jean esta no solo en la marca y la tela pero por sobre todo en el Fit... Si te interesa saber como y que debes de hacer para que encuentre los pantalones con un fit perfecto en las próximas semanas tendremos un post de como encontrar el pantalón perfecto para tu figura! 

8) Skirt 

This is a difficult item to find. As Christian Dior says, there are only few woman who can wear every type of skirt. Only those who have slim waistline and no hips, the rest of us have to choose which one suits us better. One simple tip is that the simpler the skirt the better fit needs to be. Also if you are going for a full skirt which are my all time favorites its better to pick one that is either flared or pleated so you can have more control of the posible  extra fabric around your waist. 

8) Falda

Este es un item el cual es muy dificil,  Como diría Christian Dior, existen muy pocas mujeres las cuales se pueden dar el lujo de utilizar cualquier tipo de falda. Para esto se debe tener una cintura pequeña y no muchas caderas. Las demás debemos elegir muy cuidadosamente que tipo de falta utilizar. Mientras mas simple la siluheta de la pieza mejor ajuste al cuerpo debe tener! 

9) Cashmere Sweater 

"Cashmere will not pill, so this will be very, very serviceable in your wardrobe. You'll get a lot of wear out of it," Gunn says.

9) Sueter de Cashmere 

" Cashmere no pica , así que esto va a ser muy , muy útil en tu armario . Obtendrás un montón de uso fuera de él ", dice Gunn .



0) A great pair of shoes 

For this item i will advice, as i do with my clients to invest in a designer shoes. Preferably in black or nude ( im a all times nude fan) so you can use this item to the fullest. Make sure it fits you perfectly, walk a few times while trying it on.. Why is it a pair of good expensive shoes a need? Well im from the idea that one of the ways you can know if a person really invest in themselves is by their shoes and purses, Why ? the the most expensive part of a wardrobe! 

10)  Un buen par de zapatos  

En mi opinion este quizás es uno de las piezas mas necesarias en el closet de una mujer, y mas utilizadas también!! Si, la inversion en grande pero créeme que sera una inversion que vas a desear haber hecho antes. Antes de comprarlos asegurare de que sean tu talla perfecta y que puedes correr un maratón en ellos.. por que créeme que vas a querer que sirvan para eso! Si es tu primer par compralos en nude o negro para que les puedas dar mas uso.. 

How to : Normcore

Wearing Sneakers Everywhere You Go! 


 Target Sweater- Zara USA wide leg pants - Lulus sports shoes - Louis Vuitton bag - Cartier sunglasses 

Target Sweater- Zara USA wide leg pants - Lulus sports shoes - Louis Vuitton bag - Cartier sunglasses 

Target Sweater- Zara USA wide leg pants - Lulus sports shoes - Louis Vuitton bag - Cartier sunglasses 


  Vintage Knitted sweater and flared skirt - swatch gold watch - Lulus  sports shoes- Tous Gold Clutch 

Vintage Knitted sweater and flared skirt - swatch gold watch - Lulus  sports shoes- Tous Gold Clutch 

  Vintage Knitted sweater and flared skirt - swatch gold watch - Lulus  sports shoes 

Vintage Knitted sweater and flared skirt - swatch gold watch - Lulus  sports shoes 

 BCBG Dress- Lulu's sports shoes- Black vintage sequence clutch - JTV's ring - Tarbay earrings 

BCBG Dress- Lulu's sports shoes- Black vintage sequence clutch - JTV's ring - Tarbay earrings 

  BCBG Dress- Lulu's sports shoes- Black vintage sequence clutch - JTV's ring - Tarbay earrings 

BCBG Dress- Lulu's sports shoes- Black vintage sequence clutch - JTV's ring - Tarbay earrings 

"Normcore: The trend that will never go away" New York Times 
The portmanteau of normal and hardcore is the etymology of the word normcore. Introduced by the amazing JW's Andrew Skyrocket menswear collection that latter on became a women's wear collection and, also definitely my favorite trend EVER. I must say I was very hesitant at the beginning, I thought "sports shoes are only to be used on saturday morning for errands" I secretly thought "how come a pair of sneakers can look good with regular clothes on". However, living in New York city changed completely my perspective on this super cool and confortable trend. Above, 3 different options on how you can used those sneakers that you love so much without compromising you style ethic. First, we have the more relaxed look. Wide leg pants combined with a asymmetrical sweater, my favorite Lulu's black leather sneakers. Add to it some accessories and your ready for a day full of errands and lunch with the girls afterwards. Second, something a little bit more sassy, Knitted Cropped sweater, flared skirt and my lulu's sneakers. I add to it a vintage neck piece and a golden clutch to add a little bit more style and elegance to it. Finally, a dressier look. Perfect for those days that you are full of meetings and definitely need to look good but you are just not feeling the whole heels situation. THIS IS THE LOOK FOR YOU!! A cocktail kind of dress paired with my lulu's black leather sneakers is just the perfect combinations of Normal and hardcore. Add to it your something sparkly to make it more dressy, in this case I took a black sequence clutch and some cool accessories and ready to go.. 


"Normcore: La moda que nunca desaparecerá " New York Times 
El acronimo de las palabras normal y hardcore es la etimología de la palabra normcore. Moda introducida por el gran JW's Andrew Skyrocket colección para hombres que mas adelante se convertiría en una colección para mujeres. Hoy en día uno de mis estilo favorito de todos los tiempos. A decir verdad al principio estaba bastante dudosa de esta moda y pensaba "como se vería bien el ponerse zapatos de hacer ejercicio con ropa de diario" a honestamente los zapatos deportivos eran mi comodín de "sábados de diligencias", pero eran solo para eso. Sin embargo, al mudarme a la cuidad de Nueva York cambio muchísimo mi perspectiva acerca de esta super cool y cómoda moda. Arriba, podemos ver 3 diferentes opciones de como utilizar esos zapatos deportivos que te gustan tanto sin perder en la ecuación el factor estilo. Para empezar, un look perfecto para esos días de diligencias que terminan en cena con las amigas. Unos pantalones de bota ancha con un suéter asimétrico en combinación con unos Lulu's de cuero negro. Como segunda opción, tenemos algo un poquito mas atrevido; Una falda de tachones con un suéter cuello tortuga, mis amados Lulu's deportivos y para darle un toque mas chic y vestidor lo combine con una cartera pequeña color dorado y accesorios en combinación. Finalmente, el look perfecto para un día full de reuniones, pero en esos días en los que simplemente ponerte tacones se convierte en un esfuerzo. Un vestido tipo cocktail con zapatos deportivos y para darle el un poco de Bling-Bling en este caso yo agregue una cartera negra. 


by Vanessa Posner 




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How To : Dress it up or Down

Little Black Dress 

One of the easiest ways to reinvent yourself and your wardrobe is accessorizing your clothes. A little black dress is one of the easiest jet hardest pieces of clothing to accessorize. it doesn't matter if its for a wedding or a brunch the lbd "little black dress" is always a great choice. however, nobody wants to wear the same exact piece all the time. A Great way to be able to use this piece hundreds of times is to dress it up or down.

Una de las maneras re-inventar nuestro guarda ropa. El clásico vestido negro es uno de las piezas mas fáciles y difíciles de reinventar y combinar con accesorios . Ya sea para una boda o para un desayuno este clásico es la mejor opción. Pero la verdad es que nadie quiera ser visto usando la misma pieza en distintas ocasiones. Por ello los accesorios son la mejor manera de poder utilizar esta pieza en diferentes ocasiones. 

#1 Dress it up 

To dress it up, there are several things you can do!  The first thing is to add the perfect pair nude heels. Why nude? you can never go wrong with nude heels, it adds hight as well as light but also is the best option to make an outfit look more elegant. Also, a Fur coat is always a safe bet to up the enty in that perfect look your going for. 

Para combinar el clásico vestido negro y hacerlo el perfecto "classy-look" lo primero que tienes que hacer es agregar a el vestido unos zapatos altos de color piel. no hay nada que le agregue mas luz y estilo a cualquier combinación que unos zapatos color piel. Aparte, una manera de completar el look de la manera perfecta es agregando un abrigo de piel.

Vintage Black dress 

Christian Louboutin Nude 

Vintage Silver clutch 

Cartier sunglasses 

#2 Dress it down 

Dress it down?  YESS, but not that down. One of the pros of re-inventing the LBD "Little Black Dress" is that even when we dress it down you can still look fabulous. Adding the perfect amount of color is the key for this simple but styled "club-day-look". A pair of wedges, a scarf and  small pure are the perfect combination to a LBD day version! 

Uno de los privilegios de re-inventar el clasico vestido negro es que aun y cuando lo queremos utilizar de manera menos elegante nunca pierde su clase. Agregarle la cantidad perfecta de color a un vestido negro es la clave para el "club day look" 

Vintage Black and blue dress 

YSL Wedges 

Hermes Scarf 

Betsey Jonson Sunglasses 

Tarbay Jewlery 

#3 Its all about the accessories 

The rule of thumb for the "How To" of this week is that accessories can really change the mood of the same outfit thats the way to go! So don't be afraid and try it on.  


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How to: Chambray Jacket


Chambray jacket, that item we can wear on summer for those chilly nights as well as on spring or fall, and for us " the lucky ones" we can wear it in the middle of the winter. But the weather is not the problem when trying to use this incredible piece the "How to" will determine weather if you wear it or not. Il spare you the time and give you 3 different takes on the classic chambray jacket! 

La chaqueta de blue jean, esa pieza que que podemos utilizar en todas las estaciones del año pero muchas veces eso no es suficiente. El "how to" [como utilizarla] muchas veces es el elemento que nos prohibe sacar esta pieza del closet. Para tu tranquilidad te traigo 3 maneras diferentes de utiliza esa chaqueta de jean que tanto te gusta. 

#1 Wednesday Happy Hour 

Goin to work but social gathering after it? Pair your favorite chambray jacket with an A line dress and some Red Sole shoes [if you know what i mean]  and a clutch and your ready to go... 

Al trabajo pero luego a socializar ? Combina tu chaqueta de jean favorita con un vestido de silueta A  y unos zapatos de suela roja. Agrégale a esta combinación una cartera pequeña y estas lista para salir... 

Missoni Dress 

Christian Louboutin Nude Sandals 

Chanel Chambray Jacket 

Vintage Mimbre White Clutch 

Tous Jewlery 

Versace Watch 

#2 Saturday brunch 

This look is the perfect combination between something comfortable but very chic. Also a not-so hot not-so cold look for those days when you don't whats coming. A cashmere turtle neck dress with the perfect touch of color by being color block. pair it with your chambray jacket, some bold shoes and purse and your ready for anything. from a saturday brunch to a friday party. 

Este Look es la combinación perfecta entre algo comodo pero bastante chic. también es la mezcla perfecta para un día de temperatura fluctuantes. Un vestido de lana de cuello tortuga combinada con tu chaqueta de blue jean. Agrégale unos zapatos y una cartera atrevida y esta lista para lo que sea. desde un sábado de desayuno a un viernes de fiesta. 

Vintage Cashemere Dress 

Chanel Chambray Jacket 

Christian Louboutin Slipers 

Louis Vuitton Bag 

Tarbay Jewlery 

#3 All-in 


For those days where your goal is to finish your TO DO LIST this look is perfect because who wants to run errands not looking sharp. For that this is the look that you should be looking for. Jean over jean works every time. ad some colored purse and shoes and you be rocking it! 

Para esos días donde tu meta es terminar todas tus cosas de " La list" este es el look perfecto por que quien quiere hacer diligencias sin estar presentable. Nadie, para eso es este look. Jean sobre jean funciona siempre, agrégale unos zapatos y una cartera de color y será la combinación perfecta ! 

Chanel Chambray Jacket

H&M jeans 

Mario Hernandez Shoes 

Nautica Shirt 

Stella and Dot Clutch 

By Vanessa Posner

Sponsored by Camilla Umland and her store Uptown Consignment and Miriam Hurtado Photography