How To Embrace Halloween in a not so traditional way

Nail Art

This Halloween I decided to give a chance to it. To be honest, Im not a big Halloween fan, I am a Huge Halloween fan ( the kind that plans on halloween costumes since september) and would do almost anything to embrace it to its fullest! This year I have decided to go with something rather traditional and out of the heroes and wings zone. I have decided to literally embrace halloween from head to toes. This year around not only my make up would be on point but my nails won't be those pink paled nail we wear for easter. This year its different! I decided to pay a visit to my nail artist, and came up with the three most popular and cool concepts for halloween Nail Art. Get your paper and pen and write down her info. 

Angela Gutierrez ( 760.889.1651)

Fist of : 

KISS Inspired Nail Art

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Not one, but all Super Heroes

Minions And Rainbows

Minions And Rainbows Glitz version