Steps to Become a Double "J"

Do you even know what that means ??

The term best know as a double "J" ( which i just created minutes ago) is to refer to those of whom Jewlery is a most and there is no other way around life but to be companied by Jewlery (lost of it) . And for you, lovers of jewlery there is nothing better than getting it. For a birthday, for the V-day and christmas is no exception. This The Season, we have created a gift guide for those whom  Jewlery is the way to-go . 

Working hand by hand with ESBE i bring you a curated list of the best items to put under the tree for your beloved double "J's"

For the Rings lover: 

Ancient World Greek Ring :             









For the necklaces one : 


** This one is a tricky one because there are two ways to go!! **

For the Elegant Non-discret person : 

Cascata Hammered Silver Bib Necklace|ALL&Qty=1


Earrings Lovers : 

**This like the necklaces has to ways to go with it**

For the Elegant discrete person :

Eumi Green Clover Earrings|ALL&Qty=1

For the lover of cuffs : 

**This like the earrings has two ways to go with it**

For the Elegant Non-Discrete :

Sundial Cuff|ALL&Qty=1

Matching sets :

** For those who don't really are satisfy with one thing.. you can always buy a matching set like this one**

For the Want-it-all : 

Waterfall Necklace and bracelet