How To: #theITbag ( be brilliant bag )

Weather its summer or winter a bag should always be the cherry on top of the pie when talking outfits. However, that is not always the case. Accessories in this case a bag, purse, or clutch can either make or break your perfect outfit, to avoid this there are #3 golden rules that you can follow so you don't become a victim of the disaster of a bad purse choice. 

Break the Myth

#1 Your Shoes and Purse should always be the same color 

As We all know a long time ago when cellphones didn't exist, people used to say that the purse of your choice should always be the same color of your shoes. WARNING, this is not the case anymore, a lot of times people make the huge mistake of getting a purse on a ( lets say ) green any tone just because they have a pair of green shoes any tone. IF ITS NOT THE SAME EXACT COLOR -Don't do it.  Break the rules and go with a color completely different, it will make you look super bold and will give your outfit a different edge 

#2 "You can't  use bright colors during the day" 

This is one of the biggest myths of all times, who said that bright colors are only allowed during the night? If, in fact adding a brilliant and bright bag to a pair of jeans is a classic rule for pulling of a great street style game. Personally I'm a fan of the mix and match of styles like fancy with urban. And adding a brilliant bag makes an outfit look cool during the day and suitable for the night. and you know what they say " behind every successful woman theres a Be brilliant bag" - Vanessa Posner 


#3 Size Doesn't Matter 

One common thing I hear often when talking with clients or doing some sort of styling is the myth that big bags are for the day and small bags are for the night. Let me break it to you, THIS IS NOT TRUE, depending on the outfit or the place you going you can always go with a big bag or a small one. The trick is to choose something that wether its big or small will add to your outfit without making you a victim of a purse disaster. 

By Vanessa Posner