How to : An accessory for every season

Transitioning from one season to another is really hard as it is. Even harder is when are transitioning from the lovely summer days to the not so lovely winter days and that thing in-between called fall. For that transition we have the already talked about transition jacket which is perfect because we can take off and put in whenever in need. With accessories the story is a little bit different and more complicated, because duh who wants to have to take a necklace off and on every time the weather changes in a  day.. ( specially here in Texas ). Reason Why i have decided to give this weeks " How To " to the all accessories lover -everywhere you are we love you!. So, Let me introduce you to the transition necklace. One you can wear from summer to winter... 


I love to wear this on the summer, because for some reason I feel like its a lot harder to look polished during summer. Im not sure if its because all i feel like doing is being by the pool and nothing else but anyways, this necklace is grate for it because it gives a little bit of sparkle to any outfit. 

On this ocation i decided to go for a white shirt which is my to-go pick ( most of the time ) with some purple jean shorts with  printed blue high heels and a navy and gold purse. for this outfit the necklace was almost everything, it was that thing that connected the whole outfit together make it something you can wear for anything. to a sunday brunch to late night dinner.. 

Esbe Necklace

Forever 21 top

Levis Shorts

Charlotte Russo Heels



Fall is great because we already can feel the winter breeze but we are still able to use some of our summer stuff ( this is where that TRANSITION jacket  and Necklace comes in handy ) Some days we will have to gear up a little more but will be fine. 

As you can see, for this look the color pallet is already gone a little bit darker and we are starting to play with the colors for fall ( nutmeg, browns, nudes,) darker shades. I decided to pair the necklace with a wine tunic - which makes the necklace pop up a lot more with out being to bling bling, some ripped short cut jeans and sandals. Again what makes de whole outfit a whole is the necklace connecting the shoes with the hole look and making the color of the tunic pop up a lot more. 

Meraki tunic

Esbe Necklace

Forever21  ripped jeans

Eddi Albanes heels



In my opinion winter is the hardest season to wear accessories, why ? well for one its really hard to find the right accessory for when having to be all bundled up on clothes, usually having to wear scarfs of heavy coats don't leave room for much accessories. however, thats the reason why I loved this necklace. is so simple and easy that you are actually able to wear with scarfs and heavy coats. For this look I wanted to show you guys how this necklace works even with fur and it ads just the perfect touch of sparkle for the look. 

. H&M Black dress

Belk Faux Fur vest

Tous clutch

Esbe necklace


If you are falling in-love with this necklace wait for you to have it, you won't be able to take it off.. you can go here to buy it :