How to : Umbrellas??

A year ago, I got the amazing opportunity to meet the talented artist behind these works of arts. An umbrella brand housed on the hart of new york city and exclusively design from top to bottom by self-taught swiss artist Laurence Groux. 

She has been creating artistic patterns from her original artworks for 20 years.Her deep love for nature is a constant thread in her work, and she loves the rain.

The distinctive smell, the calming sound… the enchanting colors of nature; it all soothes her soul.She considers the umbrella as being a cocoon; a divine dome of protection.

 So when faith, destiny, and serendipity handed her an umbrella template, she had to apply her designs to it, and it was love at first sight, sparks and all. She had found the One object making sense to her soul to create for others.And if nothing else, she wanted one of these umbrellas for herself!

"Laurence Groux strove to offer an exclusive and limited series of original designs.Her vision was to create stylish umbrellas to appear more like art pieces; a collector's item.Her love for craftsmanship, high quality and detail, directed her to find a manufacturer in France. There, she developed her first prototype.Her exquisite line of luxury umbrellas feature elegant designs and each comes with a choice of customized handle;a rich array of Italian leather handles and beautiful hand-sculpted maple wooden handles, hand-crafted in Italy." Laurence Groux

Love and care to the very last detail.

Her work reflects her integrity, authencity, and her romantic side for beautiful objects to be cherished as time passes.

Today, after a year of her working on this exclusive line of umbrellas which I had the opportunity to closely watch from its early stages she opens up the doors of her online store where you can find exquisite hand crafted umbrellas created from curated patterns taken from her previous works of art.


Im sure you where probably expecting a full on explanation on "How to" use umbrellas the truth is that there are certain pieces like this one that don't come with "instructions " Just venture. You can used them with a dress, or jeans, from day to night time. As said before " its timeless " 

By Vanessa Posner