Oh my God!! this recipe is so so easy and yummy!! you guys are going to become addicted to it. The first time i did it, was because me and my family where doing a road trip and i wanted us to have some home-made healthy snack. So a few tips before i give you the recipe. if you are like my and like very strong flavors. don't do easy on the lemon and the garlic. the more the merrier!! the recipe I'm giving you makes for about five or four fill up full circular glass toper wears like the one i have above. 

Ingredients : 

1) 1/2 cup of lemon juice

2)  2 Garlic cloves chopped really small

3)  1 Small bottle of olive oil

4) 3 Cans of  Chickpeas  (Garbanzo beans ) Drained

5) 2 tablespoons of tahini  ( Side Note : This is probably the most important ingredient of the whole recipe. some people recumbent making your own tahini pure/sauce. but to be honest that will complicate de dish a lot more. you can buy remade roasted tahini concentrate and it will be perfect. keep the rest on a cold-ish environment as it melts really fast. ) 

6)  1 cup of cayenne pepper, half of it of the mix and the other half for garnish 

7) 1 cup of roasted pine nuts ( for garnish ) 

8) 1 cup of parsley ( for garnish ) 




Once you have all of your ingredients, squeeze your lemons and chop the garlic. then, put all of you ingredients in the blender. and blend until is a homogeneous mix. place in bowls and top with olive oil, cayenne pepper, chopped roasted nuts, and chopped parsley.